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Millman's Mansion: Your Gateway to Gdynia's Finest

Bistro Serwus: Breakfast in 7 Minutes

In the Bistro "Serwus" which can be reached after just 7 minutes of walk, you will have occasion to enjoy your delicious breakfast from 8 AM.

Tranquil Inner Yard: Your Garden Escape

Inner Yard riddled with more or less hidden places are at your disposal. Possibility of spending your time indulging in family barbercue could also happen to be tempting. 

Market Square Delights: Culinary Journey

Barely 300 meters separates Mansion and the square, which offers plenty of eco-friendly grocery stores, wine store,  greek delicatessen and many more. It is perfect starting point for any culinary journey.

Free Wi-Fi Across the Residence​


We encourage you all to use free Wi-Fi network, with a signal widespread around whole residence.

Continuous Service: Your Comfort Matters

Being present on the same property all around the clock we have possibility to provide our guests with continuous service.

City Traffic Convenience: Discounts and Proximity

Our guests are granted with a 15 percent discount by local Taxi company. Moreover, it takes hardly 2 minutes to reach the nearest bus stop, 10 minutes for it to be the Rapid City Train station. 


Freshly Ground Coffee in Each Apartment


There is the moka pot in every apartment with the freshly ground coffee next to it. All you need to do is to prepare the essence and enjoy it in the garden.

Complimentary Bikes for Our Guests' Gdynia Exploration

Bikes are at the disposal of our guests, free of any charges, as tiny addition to the apartments.

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