Just around the corner

Seashore in Eagle State

Taking a delightful walk, shielded by cliffs, You will experience reviving strike of energy in the morning, as well as moments of complete calmness duing the day. Crucial component of our local culture is taking some beverage with You, there are some coffe carts always at hand. 

Musical Theatre 

The biggest and most recognizable in Poland. If You are looking for unforgettable sensation, both musical and aesthetical, that is the place. You will reach that magical place in about 10 minutes.

Film Centre of Gdynia 

In the neighbourhood of Musical Theatre, near to the Promenade, You can easily find art house and the Film School, located in the same building with a referable restaurant ,,Vertigo" alongside them. 

Baltic Concert hall

It has been opened for over 70 years now and still tempting for any voracious listener.  Located by the Motlava river, Philharmonic is one of the city landmarks. Local musicians are said to have true mastery their art, they tend to be continously invited to play in the world best known concert halls. 

Kolibki Mansion

Beautiful, inspired by the gothic architecture, stables of Kolibki are surrounded by the former manor buildings and garden. This is the place where last owner of Kolibki village lived. Witold Kukowski is said to be this land golden age creator. Beside funding major developments of a district, he was also taking actions to keep Orlowo in the borders of our country.  Apart from ecological food markets, it is also possible to master Your horseriding skills in the area.

Fine Dining in Tricity 

Our Manor could be also a great start for Your culinary journey. Nearest area offers variety of restaurants with talented and awarded chefs as their hearts. For instant, Chef Marcin Popielarz from Bialy Królik Restaurant managed to reach the San Pellegrino Young chef finale. Plenty of places from the list below is located in our city.



Below there is map on which we have recently started marking some points of interest.
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