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Global Guests' Experience: A Journey to Our Green Island

Our guests reviews

Everything as described. Clean, nice and cosy. Moreover, there is peaceful silence and calmness. Młynarzowy Dworek is perfectly located- close both to the seashore and city communication stations. Surely we will be back soon.  

Paulina, Poland

Constant development for your delight

We receive booking from all over the world, Africa, Scandinavian Peninsula. Australia and many other more or less exotic places.

In the tenth year of our activity there are  hundreds of bookings made annualy at our place. Majority of our guests stay in touch with us, and many of them are eager to return to our green island. We are driven by need of constant development, we want to keep changing for you, so by the time of your comeback many surprises will have been prepared for you.

The answer to the question why so many people, from every part of the globe, cannot resist to visit us, lays hidden within our walls.

Stay Connected, Return Eagerly

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