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Contact us at Millman's Mansion: Your Seaside Retreat Awaits


2 Księdza Stanisława Zawackiego Street,
81-514 Gdynia Orłowo
+ 48 501 797 195,
+48 508 537 721


We have just received your message!

We value your privacy


1. Your personal data will be managed by Małgorzata Borkowska, accesible by phone: +48 508 537 721

2. All information will be used only to provide you with our services and answer all your questions;

3. Data that will be used is understood as: your name, phone number, e-mail and address;

4. We will keep the data in time of our activity on the market, unless you ask us to erase it from our records; 

5. Your data will not be transfered to another country or international organization;

6. You are given a rightful possibility to access your data and correct, remove or limit our right to process them; 

7. Your data will not be used in terms of automated property nor site management;

8. Your data can be collected with you as the only source of that information;

9. Granting us with information about you is crucial for us to provide you with our services,

10. Making a reservation or asking us to do so is equivalent to giving consent fo processing your data.

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