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Apartments in Gdynia Orłowo: IV The Light

IV | The Light

The Light is known not only to shape our image of the surrounding world but also to bring the textures out of the thing that might otherwise seem rather ordinary. This space is ruled by the textures, and the Light acts here as the ultimate sculptor. Raw surface of the brickwall transforms into the soft ceramic of the floor on which grows the pine beam, which ruptures catches the eye of observer. When your journey around the surfaces comes to an end, the well deserved rest in the space full of light and comfort awaits.

The Light

Southern and western windows lets the Light to flood the whole interior.


Here the floor itself is warm thus friendly. Aforementioned warmth encompasses our guests during the winter and heats the stones in the shower, offering the delicate awakening.. 


Regardless the time of the day nor the season of the year, the freshly ground coffee is here, waiting to be preprared in the coffee maker or the moca pot which is to be found in every apartment.

See you in Gdynia!

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