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Millman's Mansion Apartments: A Historic Gdynia Orłowo Experience

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A Rich Heritage

Our tradition has its roots in the fourteenth century, when one of the Teutonic Knight's nobles granted Mr Nyczka permission to build a mill.

Two centuries later, the local guesthouse is said to have been founded. In this area inn and whole artisanal enclave activity lasted until year 1939.

Since 2012, we have been providing our guests with opportunity to explore our heritage acommodation, and get to know a little bit more about history of this place.


Here, under the branches of the old lindens, acompanied both by nature and centuries- old edifices, sometimes You will be able to hear a slight echo of a horseshoes caressing the cobblestones, it is your new seaside retreat.

Seaside Exploration

Our apartments in Gdynia Orłowo are a great starting point for the further exploration of Gdynia, allowing you to get the well deserved rest by the sea while remaining close to the city center and stay connected thanks to the omnipresent public transport.

The apartments in Gdynia Orłowo are separated by just a fifteen minutes of walk from a quiet beach in Gdynia Orlowo, the Orłowo Pier and the cliffed coast. You can reach all these places from our seaside apartments  also on foot or by bike, with the latter being available for our guests free of charge. The location of our manor provides you with excellent access to both Sopot and Gdynia. It is just the matter of quarter spent in a car or commuting or a 40 minutes walk along the cliffed coast of Gdynia.

Apartments in Gdynia "Młynarzowy Dworek" are not only close to the sea and the city, but also to the Klif shopping center (5 minutes by car, 10 minutes on foot), the Riviera shopping center (10 minutes by car), and the local market in Gdynia Orłowo (5 minutes on foot).

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