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About us

Our tradition has its roots in the fourteenth century, when one of the Teutonic Knight's nobles granted Mr Nyczka permission to build a mill.

Two centuries later, the local guesthouse is said to have been founded. In this area inn and whole artisanal enclave activity lasted until year 1939.

Since 2012, we have been providing our guests with opportunity to explore our site, and get to know a little bit more about history and heritage of this place.


Here, under the branches of the old lindens, acompanied both by nature and centuries- old edifices, sometimes You will be able to hear a slight echo of a horseshoes caressing the cobblestones. 

We encourage You to contact us anytime
Phone: + 48 501 797 195, 508 537 721
Street Księdza Stanisława Zawackiego 2, 81-514 Gdynia Orłowo

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4. We will keep the data in time of our activity on the market, unless You ask us to erase it from our records; 

5. Your data will not be transfered to another country or international organization;

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7. Your data will not be used in terms of automated property nor site management;

8. Your data can be collected with You as the only source of that information;

9. Granting us with information about You is crucial for us to provide You with our services,

10. Making a reservation or asking us to do so is equivalent to giving consent fo processing Your data.

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